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Center for Liver Disease & Transplantation

Working with Your Team

Because the liver transplant journey can be a complex process with many “moving parts,” you’ll have an entire team working for you to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Your transplant surgeon will perform your transplant surgery and oversee your recovery.

Your hepatologist (liver specialist) will manage your medical care both before and after your transplant surgery. Your hepatologist and your surgeon will work together to determine which immunosuppressant medications you’ll need and in what dosage. Both doctors will also schedule follow-up appointments with you after you’re discharged from the hospital.

Your anesthesiologist is in charge of administering your general anesthetic, monitoring your vital signs during the surgery, and inserting a catheter that will be used for administering medication, monitoring blood pressure levels, and obtaining blood for lab tests.

Pre-Transplant Coordinator
As soon as you become a transplant candidate at the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, you’ll be assigned a Pre-Transplant Coordinator who will work with you all the way up to your transplant surgery. He or she will schedule any necessary lab work, discuss your test results with you, and assist with any medical issues that arise.

Post-Transplant Coordinator
Once your transplant surgery is complete, your Pre-Transplant Coordinator will transition your case to a Post-Transplant Coordinator. This coordinator will schedule any necessary diagnostic or lab tests, discuss your test results with you, and assist you in ordering any prescriptions or equipment you need after surgery.

Social Worker
Your Social Worker is responsible for the nonmedical portion of your treatment. He or she will conduct your psychosocial assessment and provide counseling and emotional support for you and your family throughout the transplant process. Your Social Worker will also be your contact regarding any community resources you need to pursue.

Financial Counselor
Your Financial Counselor will be your contact for all questions regarding your medical insurance coverage and other financial concerns.

Your Dietitian will examine your nutritional needs and design an eating plan for you.

The Methodist Hospital Chaplain provides pastoral care for you and your family according to your religious traditions.

You may have several other specialists involved in your care, depending on your specific medical needs. Many patients are seen by a cardiologist to ensure that their heart is strong enough for surgery. Other common specialists seen include nephrologists (kidney specialists), psychiatrists, pain management specialists, and pulmonologists (lung specialists).

Contact information for all staff members at the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation is available on the Our Staff page.

To find out more about the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, call us at 866-94-LIVER (866-945-4837) or send us an email.