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· Diabetes Education

· Success: Diabetes education leads to weight loss

· The role of the certified diabetes educator before and during pregnancy

· Insulin pump

· Learn how to improve your diabetes management

Schedule an appointment for diabetes education 

To schedule an appointment for diabetes education, a physician's referral form is required.  The physician should complete the referral form and fax it to 713-790-6366.  The clinic phone number is 713-441-5975 to check on whether or not we received the referral and to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

Learn more about diabetes by visiting methodistweightmanagement.com.

Insulin pump 


· You do not have to have surgery for an insulin pump because the pump has an external reservoir of insulin.

· Once you master the pump, it is likely you will have an increase in energy and concentration.

· With a pump you can eat whatever you want, but, as with anyone you should follow a healthy diet. Excess calories will result in weight gain.

· An insulin pump reduces risks for long term complications, prevents insulin stacking and reduces hypoglycemia unawareness.

Learn how to improve your diabetes management 


Basic Diabetes Classes 

This class is designed to help individuals understand diabetes and learn simple strategies that can help them gain control. Learn more

Advanced Diabetes Classes 

These classes are designed for patients with diabetes who have had diabetes for some time and have a basic understanding of the self-management skills, but, are not getting the control they need. Learn more

Gestational Diabetes Counseling 

The center can help patients with gestational diabetes have a healthy pregnancy.
Learn more

Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

Certified pump trainers can help train individuals on how to use insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, as well as, personalize their self-management plan to gain better control and freedom with their device(s). Learn more

FREE Diabetes Support Group Meetings 

These free meetings provide a venue for patients with diabetes to ask questions, receive support, and gain motivation and knowledge. To reserve your spot or to find out more, call 713-441-5975.



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Diabetes Education

The Methodist Diabetes & Metabolism Institute (MDMI) is newly formed as one of the key centers of excellence for The Methodist Hospital. The Weight Management Center at MIDMI offers a Diabetes Education Program that has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for 21 years. "We believe that education is a basic foundation of diabetes treatment. The Weight Management Center is a key component of the MDMI, both in providing education, often individualized, and in offering a highly successful weight control program," says Willa Hsueh, M.D., medical director of the MDMI.

The Diabetes Education programs at the institute are designed to personalize a treatment plan that people with diabetes can use to self manage the disease and, therefore, improve their health and vitality.  Certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, and registered dietitians provide education for those patients who would benefit from basic diabetes education and want to move onto more advanced topics, such as, insulin initiation to starting on an insulin pump.

"It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning because you want so much to be successful," Stein said. "But the people at Methodist have been great and they are there to help you and encourage you every step of the way."


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Success: Diabetes education leads to weight loss

24-year old Melissa Stein is studying to be a nurse, and she realized that in order to be successful she would have to tackle one big problem that was weighing her down.

"I was really overweight," Stein said. "I realized I would have to get around the hospital quickly, especially in emergency situations, and I didn't want to always be tired and out of breath. I realized I needed to get healthy for my job and my future."

Stein enrolled in the Diabetes Education Program at The Methodist Hospital and her life has turned around. She has lost 30 pounds and wants to lose 20 more.

"I have type 1 diabetes, so they were a little worried about me joining the program because they do not have many patients with type 1 and they weren't sure how the shakes and the insulin would work," Stein said. "But Dr. Kathleen Wyne at Methodist really pushed for me and she has been managing my blood sugar and insulin during the process and everything has been great."

Stein says as a busy student, the program's simplicity has been great for her. She can drink the shakes wherever and whenever she wants. She feels better and looks better. She is exercising and has more energy, and really feels good about herself and her future.

"It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning because you want so much to be successful," Stein said. "But the people at Methodist have been great and they are there to help you and encourage you every step of the way."

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The role of the certified diabetes educator before and during pregnancy

One in 10 pregnant women develops a form of diabetes called gestational diabetes, which makes it the most common complication during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes occurs during the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy and is a condition were the blood glucose (sugar) levels get too high, but usually goes away after pregnancy. However, one-third of women who had gestational diabetes will go on to have type 2 diabetes later in life.

Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) can help prevent developmental disorders in the unborn and help improve pregnancy outcomes. The American Diabetes Association recommends that all women with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes should receive pre conception diabetes education to help achieve and maintain optimal blood glucose control prior to conception.

The Weight Management Center at Houston Methodist Hospital at the Methodist Diabetes & Metabolism Institute is well equipped to help these individuals. The CDEs and registered dietitians at the center can help with the management of blood sugars during the critical preconception and the prenatal phases of the pregnancy, as well as, the sometimes difficult readjustment period during the post-partum phase. Our clinic offers regular weekly individual and group consult times in three hospital locations in the Houston area. Our goal is to work in collaboration with the referring physician and the mother to help meet mutual goals and ensure a healthy mom and baby.

Learn more about the diabetes education services.


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