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The Methodist Hospital Research Institute Investigators Awarded $3 million in CPRIT Funding

The Methodist Hospital Research Institute Investigators Awarded $3 million in CPRIT Funding

HOUSTON (Nov. 1, 2010) -TMHRI congratulates Drs. Paolo Decuzzi, Federico Monzon, Paul Webb and Stephen Wong for garnering $3 million in research funding awards from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas this year. These research teams use new imaging and nanomedicine technologies to target breast, lung, brain and central nervous system cancers by developing early detection methods and new therapies for clinical use. The cross-disciplinary mission of TMHRI fosters these collaborative approaches by bringing together engineers, mathematicians, physicists, tumor biologists and clinicians in the fight against cancer.

This week, CPRIT announced the funding awards for two projects at TMHRI directed by Drs. Paolo Decuzzi and Federico Monzon. Dr. Paolo Decuzzi received $1.5 million for collaboration with investigators from Rice University, The University of Houston and MD Anderson Cancer Center. The goal of this project is to use magnetic nanoparticles for enhanced imaging and heat-based ablation of brain tumors. In addition, Dr. Federico Monzon and Dr. Richard Willson of The University of Houston received $434,000 to use nanoparticles for the early and highly sensitive detection of lung cancer. These nanoparticles have unique properties that allow for the parallel detection of multiple lung cancer biomarkers in one test.

Two additional projects are currently funded by CPRIT at TMHRI. Dr. Stephen Wong received $1.1 million earlier this year to develop a minimally invasive, ultra-sensitive imaging system for the early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. This was followed by an award in June to Dr. Paul Webb to design new therapies that are effective for treating therapy resistant tumors, without the harmful side effects of current anti-estrogen therapies.

This announcement follows the grand opening of the TMHRI translational research building. The CPRIT funding is in addition to more than $10 million in annual NIH funding for TMHRI, which ranks TMHS in the 25 independent domestic hospitals for NIH funding.

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