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Specialized Compression Therapy

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Compression Therapy

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The specialized compression therapy available at the Houston Methodist Willowbrook Advanced Wound Care Clinic represents the latest technology available in wound healing, including:

  • Elastic compression garments
  • Non-elastic compression wraps
  • Elastic multi-layer bandaging
  • Chopped foam garments
  • Sequential compression pumps

Specialized wound care teams assess each patient´s overall health status and specific wound needs to match the most effective therapies and home care products to each patient.

Medical compression is an important component in chronic wound care. It is particularly effective in treating diabetic wounds and those associated with vascular and lymphatic deficiencies.

Today many of the compression products mimic those once custom made. They are available for a range of chronic wounds and patient needs.

To consult with a wound care specialist about your particular needs, call 281-737-AWCC (2922) or request an appointment online.