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Risks and Benefits

Breast Restoration - Risks and Benefits

The major benefits of the new microsurgical procedures are the restoration of a natural appearing breast without losing any muscle from the abdominal or buttock donor site. The short and long term results of the procedure are excellent. Patients have a relatively short hospital stay of 4-5 days and can return to normal daily activities in about two weeks. Most patients are able to resume exercise and lifting in four to six weeks.

The risks of the procedure are mainly related to the possibility of flap loss, because these microsurgical techniques require connection of tiny blood vessels. Problems with the flap have occurred in only three percent of patients. If there is a problem with the flap, a re-exploration procedure is performed. Other risks are related to the length of the surgery, but are not a significant factor in patients who are in good medical status. All breast reconstruction and breast symmetry procedures, including the SIEA, DIEP, and SGAP are covered by insurance, as legislated in 1998.

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