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Center for Liver Disease & Transplantation

Preparing for Your Transplant

As a liver transplant patient at the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, you’ll be working with an entire team dedicated to providing a positive experience from Day One. Every step of the way, our specialists are here to address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as we guide you through the process of waiting for a donor organ.

As you prepare for your transplant, we ask that you:

  • Always inform your coordinator of changes in your health status (fever, abdominal pain, blood in stool, etc.) or any hospitalizations.
  • Keep your coordinator up to date on your contact information and any travel plans.
  • Attend all appointments, and call to reschedule any appointments you cannot attend.
  • Take all medications as prescribed by your physician.
  • Discuss your financial situation with your Financial Counselor, even if you have a good health insurance plan. Also, please be sure to notify your Financial Counselor of any changes to your health insurance.
  • Make sure you have a plan for your care after you are discharged from the hospital after your transplant. It’s important that you determine ahead of time where you will stay, who will be able to stay with you, and how you will get your medications.

Your family and other caregivers can play a helpful role in the preparation process by:

  • Being aware of your illness and knowing signs and symptoms to look out for.
  • Making sure you take all medications as directed.
  • Attending appointments and education classes with you.
  • Keeping your coordinator informed of any changes in your status or any concerns you may have.

To find out more about the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, call us at 713-441-8839 or 866-94-LIVER (866-945-4837) or send us an email.