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Paolo Decuzzi, Ph.D.

Paolo Decuzzi, Ph.D. 

Paolo Decuzzi, Ph.D.

Paolo Decuzzi, Ph.D.

Senior Member
Interim Chair
Department of Translational Imaging
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

Chair, NanoCouncil
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

E-mail: pdecuzzi@houstonmethodist.org
Phone: 713-441-7316
Fax: 713-793-7438


M.Sc.   Politecnico di Bari, Italy (Mechanical Engineering)
Ph.D.   University of Naples, Italy (Mechanical Engineering)

Postdoctoral Training

Visiting Researcher, Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Visiting Scientist, Princeton Materials Institute, University of Princeton, Princeton, NJ

Visiting Scientist, M. Doris Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, Ohio State University, OH



Dr. Decuzzi earned his M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Politecnico di Bari, one of the three Politecnical Schools in Italy, and his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Naples - Federico II. His Ph.D. course was developed in collaboration with the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, where he worked on the multiscale modeling of adhesion and friction as a visiting scientist. He became Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Bari (IT) in 2003, and Associate Professor of Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering at the School of Medicine of the University of Magna Graecia (IT) in 2005. In the same year, he co-founded the Center of BioNanotechnology and Engineering for Medicine, one of the first Nanotechnology/NanoEngineering laboratories established in a medical school. In 2007, he moved to The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston as an Associate Professor. In 2010, Paolo Decuzzi joined The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, serving as an interim Co-Chair of the Department of Nanomedicine and on the Research Institute Scientific Council. In 2013 he was named interim Chair of the Department of Translational Imaging.

Dr. Decuzzi has been visiting professor at institutions including the Princeton Materials Institute of Princeton University, and the M. Doris Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute at Ohio State University. He has taught solid mechanics, machine design and computer aided design to undergraduate and graduate engineering students, and has developed a bioNanomechanics course for graduate students.

Dr. Decuzzi has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles in international journals and conferences, and has contributed to more than five books and several special issues of journals. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals and chairs the NanoCouncil of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has organized several workshops and international conferences, including the ASME 2010 First Global Congress on NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology in Houston, TX.

Description of Research

Dr. Decuzzi's research focuses on the synthesis, development and medical application of multifunctional nanoconstructs for biomedical imaging and therapy. These are intravenously injectable nanoparticles, rationally designed to recognize the diseased tissue, and deliver drug molecules and contrast agents. His research approach is based on the integration of in silico mathematical modeling, with microfluidic chips for in vitro and in vivo analysis. Dr. Decuzzi's research has received the support of the US National Institutes of Health, the US Department of Defense, the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas and the European Science Foundation. In addition to cancer, this research has applications to regeneratove imedicine and the imaging and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

Major Areas of Research

Nanomedicine, biomedical imaging, targeted nanoparticle delivery, mathematical modeling, MRI, thermal ablation

Recent Publications

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