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Center for Liver Disease & Transplantation


After surgery, you will need to take medications to prevent rejection and infection. Prior to your discharge, you will receive a 30-day supply of your transplant medications to take home.

You’ll also receive a pill box and a medication schedule with the dosages and instructions for each of your medications. Always use a pencil to write in the schedule and keep it up to date. Also, be sure to bring your medication schedule with you to all of your doctor appointments.

Immunosuppressive Medications (anti-rejection medications)
Immunosuppressants are intended to prevent your immune system from rejecting the transplanted organ. It is important to take these medications, exactly as prescribed, for the rest of your life. Failure to take these medications can result your immune system rejecting the transplanted organ; taking too much can result in serious adverse effects, including infections.

Anti-Infection Medications
Because of your suppressed immune system after surgery, your body’s ability to protect against infection is lowered; therefore, you are more susceptible to certain types of infections. For the first few months after your operation, you’ll be required to take medications to prevent infections.

Medications Prior to Transplant
Some of the medications you were taking prior to transplant will be discontinued. Blood pressure, cholesterol, and some other medications may be continued. We will instruct you on which medications you should continue.

Medication Refills
We will give you 5 refills on all your transplant medications. You have the option of returning to your regular community pharmacy or staying with the home-delivery pharmacy that we use to order your first month supply. When you are running low on any medications, call your pharmacy at least 5 days in advance to request a refill. If you are out of refills, you should have your pharmacy fax a refill request to our office. If you are eligible for a 3-month supply of medications, make sure you have at least a 2-week supply remaining before setting up this process.

To find out more about the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, call us at 713-441-8839 or 866-94-LIVER (866-945-4837) or send us an email.