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Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center - Houston, TX

Marcy Shipp made the ultimate sacrifice for a friend: donating a kidney. Her friend and fellow church member, Dianna Brewer, suffered from polycystic kidney disease, was on dialysis, and needed transplant. Marcy was tested and determined to be a good donor match, but Dr. A. Osama Gaber contacted her before the surgery was scheduled to ask if she was willing to take her gift one step further.

Marcy’s blood type made her a match for another patient who did not have an eligible donor. After getting countless questions answered with confidence, she made the decision to save three lives with her one donation on February 9, 2010: six surgeries, three successful transplants, and a new life for three people.

"I feel great," she says. "I never imagined how easy it was to donate, and the only difficult thing was realizing after it was all over that I couldn't do it again. I would do it a thousand times if I could …for so many reasons."