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Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery Suites

Labor and Delivery The birthing suites at Houston Methodist West Hospital allow mothers to deliver, recover and care for their newborns in the same comfortable room. We work to make your stay a family–friendly bonding experience by allowing siblings and immediate family to stay in the suite as well. These private suites have plenty of amenities that will make you, your newborn and family members feel right at home:

  • Private bathrooms
  • Cable television
  • Large, comfortable couches
  • Specially prepared meals
  • Location near the newborn nursery

Postpartum Care

Immediately following birth, mothers and family members will have the opportunity to bond with their newborn in the birthing suite and to begin breastfeeding if desired. The newborn nursery is located near the birthing suites, in order to facilitate the continued bonding process. Lactation consultants will also be available to assist with initiating the breastfeeding process.