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Initial Consultation

Patient Surgery Guide - Initial Consultation


Your first visit will start by completing a Medical History Intake form (you may print it out and fill it out ahead of time if you wish). It is important that you do this as thoroughly and completely as possible, as the information is very important in your treatment. You will then meet Dr. Spiegel or one of her associates, and after a review of your history and a brief interview including your knowledge of the reconstructive options will be conducted.

A physical examination then follows and photographs are taken that are used exclusively for your chart. Once the history and physical are performed, we then discuss and outline the individual restorative options that are available for you. We discuss your lifestyle, activity level, medical status, body type as well as expectations and answer questions before making any decisions. It is also helpful to have a significant other or a family member accompany you, they can be an important source of support that can help you in making decisions.

Download Medical History Form.