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Heart Tumors

Cardiac Tumors: Houston Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal, Volume 6, Number 3, 2010

Volume 6, Number 3, 2010 issue of the Houston Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal is dedicated entirely to Heart Tumors.

The Houston Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal is a publication of Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center.

Our mission at the Heart Tumor Program is to provide an exemplary level of care for patients with all types of heart tumors. Through a collaboration between heart tumor specialists at Houston Methodist Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center, we’re able to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that’s focused on the needs of each individual patient, with the goal of achieving the best outcomes possible.

The Heart Tumor Program distinguishes itself by having performed the largest number of malignant heart tumor surgeries in the world. The knowledge we’ve obtained from these surgeries, along with extensive non-malignant surgical experience, has given our researchers the opportunity to identify significant differences in the behaviors of the different types of tumors. Understanding these differences allows us to positively influence appropriate diagnosis, surgical resection techniques, and the medical therapies offered to each patient.

The Heart Tumor Program supports an evidence-based, multidisciplinary, and tailored treatment plan for each patient through our use of advanced imaging techniques, novel surgical treatment procedures, and structured medical therapies.

The Heart Tumor Program’s current and future course is dedicated to continued excellence in the clinical care of patients with heart tumors. Our research will challenge the discovery and development of future multidisciplinary treatments to enable the very best possible outcomes for our heart tumor patients and to educate patients, families, and physicians on the treatment options available for this uncommon disease.

For more information about the Heart Tumor Program or to schedule an appointment, please call 713-DEBAKEY (713-332-2539), or email us at hearttumors@houstonmethodist.org.