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Refer a patient for Diabetes Education

Referring to the Weight Management Center at Houston Methodist Hospital for Diabetes Self-Management Education is as easy as 1-2-3. The MWMC cannot work with patients until they receive a physician's referral.

Step 1 - Complete the physician referral form. Please make sure to complete all pertinent sections including the patient's contact information, diagnosis and labs.
Step 2 - Designate the patient's preferred location for education. We offer four convenient locations in the Houston area: Medical Center, Sugar Land, and Willowbrook.
Step 3 - Fax the referral to 713-790-6366.

Our Diabetes Education Services

The Weight Management Center's Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American Dietetic Association and works in collaboration with The Methodist Diabetes, Obesity, and Lipids Center of Excellence. Our programs are designed to individualize a treatment plan that people with diabetes can use to self manage the disease and therefore improve their health and vitality. Learn more about our various services by clicking on each link below.

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Basic Diabetes Classes

All newly diagnosed patients with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or those who have never attended a diabetes self management class should attend these classes. Our basic diabetes class is designed to help individuals understand diabetes and learn simple strategies that can help them gain control by introducing the Four Cornerstones of Diabetes Education: Medications, Monitoring, Diet, and Exercise. Patients will attend two 3-hour classes at a location most convenient to them. Other topics covered are glucose pattern management, foot care, preventing long term complications, weight loss, basic meal planning, an introduction to carbohydrate counting, and managing sick days and travel.

Advanced Diabetes Classes

These classes are designed for patients with diabetes who have had diabetes for some time and have a basic understanding of the self-management skills and not getting the control they need. Generally these patients are on insulin or multiple oral meds. The patient will learn how to identify blood glucose trends and troubleshoot situations that lead to out of range blood sugar readings. More emphasis will be placed on using carbohydrate counting to help with meal planning. If appropriate, the educator will calculate the patient's carb to insulin ratio and determine the patient's insulin sensitivity factor.

FREE Diabetes Support Group

Diabetes Support Group meetings provide a venue for patients with diabetes to ask questions, receive support, and gain motivation and knowledge. A diabetes support is ideal for individuals who have received some form of diabetes self-management instruction. The meetings are offered once a month at three different locations. To reserve your spot or to find out more, call 713-441-5975.

The Methodist Hospital Diabetes Support Group Schedule

Month Topic Location Date Time
February Patient Champion Sugar Land 2/27/12 10:00 am
March Testing in Pairs Willowbrook 3/22/12 6:30 pm
April Mastering Your Metabolism Medical Center 4/25/12 12:00 pm
May Fun with Fitness Sugar Land 5/21/12 10:00 am
June Patient Champion Willowbrook 6/28/12 6:30 pm
July Testing in Pairs Medical Center 7/25/12 12:00 pm
August Mastering Your Metabolism Sugar Land 8/27/12 10:00 am
September Fun with Fitness Willowbrook 9/27/12 6:30 pm
October Patient Champion Medical Center 10/24/12 12:00 pm
November What Can I Eat? Sugar Land 11/26/12 10:00 am
December Mastering Your Metabolism Willowbrook 12/13/12 10:00 am
After patients have received a good foundation of diabetes self care, they may need additional assistance with continued weight loss and behavior change. We also offer weight loss and bariatric services.

We all know how important weight loss is to the management of diabetes. Are you finding that just talking about weight loss with your patients has little effect on their success? Then allow the Weight Management Center help your patients achieve their weight loss goals and learn to maintain their new healthy weight. The Weight Management Center has more than 25 years of experience helping individuals to lose weight and keep it off. Click here to learn more about our weight loss services.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Various health insurance plans cover medical nutrition therapy for a variety of health conditions, such as, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, weight loss, kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders. Our skilled staff of registered dietitians can help your patients meet their health goals through personalized nutrition education and by individualizing a meal plan based on their food preferences. Click here for a Physician's Referral Form.

Gestational Diabetes Counseling

We can help your patients with gestational diabetes have a healthy pregnancy. Patients are usually seen in a small class of 2-3 people or on an individual basis. This class will help gestational diabetics learn how to check blood sugars, identify in and out of range readings, understand how pregnancy hormones, food, activity, medications, sleep, illness, and stress affect their blood sugars, and learn how to treat hypoglycemia and prevent hyperglycemia. A registered dietitian will help them to plan nutritious and well-balanced meals and snacks that optimize blood sugars and ultimately helps achieve a healthy mother and baby. Click here to view the GDM brochure.

Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Do you have patients that may benefit from utilizing insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors? Our certified diabetes educators can help train your patients on insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring, as well as, personalizing their self-management plan to gain better control and freedom with their device.

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