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The Methodist Hospital Institute for Reconstructive Surgery
6560 Fannin Street, Suite 800
Houston, TX 77030

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Center for Facial Paralysis Surgery & Functional Restoration

Is a Face Lift the Procedure for You?

Before Face Lift Procedure After Face Lift Procedure
The procedures are usually performed bilaterally in an effort to maximize facial equilibrium and balance.

Following a major reconstructive surgery, it is not uncommon to have mild asymmetry of the face. Traditional face lift procedures have the greatest effect on improving irregularities in the neck, lower cheeks and jowls.

After undergoing a face lift procedure patients usually stay overnight in the hospital and are discharged the morning after surgery. During the period of observation frequent checks are performed to rule out the development of blood collections beneath the skin (hematoma) that might require a return to the operating room.

Learn about the facial paralysis doctor, Michael Klebuc, M.D.

For more information on Face Lifts, please contact us at:

The Methodist Hospital
6560 Fannin Street, Suite 800
Houston. TX 77030

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