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Did You Know?

Houston Methodist San Jacinto Family Medicine Residency
Did You Know?

  • We are a community-based residency.
  • We are An Affiliate of Baylor College of Medicine
  • We are the only residency at this hospital location. That means access to patients and procedures across all parts of the hospital
  • Houston Methodist San Jacinto is part of Houston Methodist. It is an excellent facility that is up-to-date, clean with excellent diagnostics
  • You will benefit from Houston Methodist Hospital high quality administration. Family medicine enjoys an excellent relationship with the hospital administration.
  • Family physicians are well respected here.
  • The Family Medicine Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Care operated by Legacy Community Health, with a large amount of services for patients in the Houston Community
    • Lots of access to pediatric patient encounters
    • Lots of opportunity for building a continuity-panel of patients, including prenatal patients
    • A robust Electronic Health Record, Centricity, with a soon-to-be implemented patient-portal
    • PCMH application and rotation
  • The nursing staff at the hospital is first rate. The consultants are collegial and willing to teach.
  • We enjoy especially good relationships with the teaching obstetricians and pediatricians - there is a great opportunity to do a lot of deliveries.
  • Baytown is a city with a population larger than Galveston, there is great clinical pathology and a large clinical population available for your learning
  • You will enjoy a nice salary and benefit package - check it out and compare!
  • Many opportunities for procedures - stress tests, lines, circs, SVD's, BTL's, epis repairs, vacuum, colpos, OB ultrasounds, derm procedures, etc.
  • Free parking
  • Location proximal to Houston - (30 minutes)
  • Also location proximal to Galveston - 40 minutes to the beach!
  • Jobs available for your spouse nearby
  • A quiet community with NO TRAFFIC congestion here!
  • We enjoy a low cost of living - housing costs much lower than in Houston.
  • Residents have input to call-schedule created by chief residents
  • Graduated autonomy with many interesting elective opportunities

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