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Houston Methodist Concussion Center

Community Outreach and Education

An estimated >350,000 sports related concussions occur annually (there is a total of 1.7 – 3.6 million brain injuries in the US annually).  Several factors determine the rate of concussions in a given sport.  However, American style football has the highest rate with other sports like ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse and field-hockey not far behind.  Gender and age are also important factors with younger athletes being more vulnerable and women are more likely to suffer concussions compared to males.  In general, the research suggests about a 10-15% (some as high as 20%) rate of concussions in contact sports.

In response the Houston Methodist Concussion Center provides on-site education for schools and club teams on how to recognize concussion and what actions to take if one is suspected. As part of our community outreach this service is offered at no cost.

By doing concussion education presentations, ImPACT baseline testing and distributing educational materials, the Houston Methodist Concussion Center has made great strides in educating our community about concussion.

To learn more about on-site and ImPACT baseline testing, please contact Deidre Duke at 713-441-8277 or DLDuke@houstonmethodist.org