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Nursing Clinical Career Path

The Clinical Career Path (2010) serves to promote the achievement of outstanding patient and hospital quality outcomes. It defines the performance standards for the four levels of nursing practice and offers a means of providing clinical staff involved in the provision of patient care an opportunity for professional growth and development while advancing the leadership, art and science of nursing. Additionally, the Clinical Career Path serves to retain, recognize and compensate expert clinical staff.

The Clinical Career Path is designed to:

  • Support and encourage accountability, innovation, and leadership from the bedside
  • Increase clarity and consistency regarding roles and expectations
  • Increase opportunities for promotion to advanced positions at the bedside
  • Promote professionalism though certification and formal education
  • Increase flexibility in choice of activities to meet interests and talents of staff and needs of the institution
  • Provide opportunity for staff to diversify and focus on an interest area at higher level
  • Enhance support for professional activities by means of education, training, and release time

Download more detailed information on our Clinical Career Path.

The TMH Nursing Clinical Career Path Bachelors degree requirement applies only to candidates who apply for nursing opportunities with Houston Methodist Hospital (TMH) located within the Texas Medical Center. Although our community hospital locations, which consist of Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Houston Methodist West Hospital, and Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, prefer candidates to possess a bachelors degree, it is not a requirement for nurses applying for the Registered Nurse I and Registered Nurse II positions unless otherwise noted as a requirement for nursing internship opportunities.

Please note that Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital does not require a Bachelors degree for Registered Nurse positions or internships.