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Center for Minimally Invasive Skull Base & Brain Surgery

Methodist Center for Minimally Invasive Skull Base & Brain Surgery

Skull base tumors lie in a complex and deep area of the head and neck, surrounded by vital neurologic and vascular structures. The complexities of this area require a skillful multidisciplinary team of physicians, each with their own areas of expertise, to achieve the best possible outcome.

The team approach at The Methodist Hospital Center for Minimally Invasive Skull Base and Brain Surgery includes otolaryngology — head and neck surgery, and neurosurgery. Integral ancillary services include neuroradiology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, ophthalmology, pathology, speech therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, endocrinology, and infectious disease.

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The Methodist Center for Minimally Invasive Skull Base & Brain Surgery

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What to Expect

  • New patient consultation with physicians in the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Otolaryngology at Houston Methodist Hospital — Head and Neck Surgery.
  • Procurement of diagnostic tests (if not already obtained) to determine the pathology and to delineate the extent of the disease.
  • Discussions in a multidisciplinary team approach to determine the treatment course, which may involve surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of treatment modalities.
  • If surgery is recommended, a multidisciplinary surgical planning discussion will be held to determine the best possible approach to the tumor.
  • Specialized care from neuro ICU and nursing staff with vast experience in caring for skull base tumor patients.
  • Follow up care may include speech or swallowing therapy, hormonal therapy and physical rehabilitation.
  • Comprehensive post surgical follow up with the multidisciplinary surgical team to evaluate the progress of healing and to monitor for any evidence of recurrence.