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Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship

Department of Cardiology

Houston Methodist hospital is world-renowned in cardiovascular care and research and has been recognized for its contributions to advances in the practice of cardiology. Houston Methodist has made significant contributions to changing the way that Cardiology is practiced. The Department, Chaired by Dr. Miguel Quiñones, is at the forefront of cardiac research, and is made up of prominent physicians who are internationally recognized for their contributions to patient care, research and educationally-led cardiac services.  The Department's cardiologists have enormous expertise in every aspect of cardiac care ranging from angiography, echocardiography and heart transplantation to advanced clinical research for cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure and preventive cardiology. Leaders in the research and development of new treatments and drug therapies that help improve the quality of life of patients, the members of its faculty are authorities in the various subspecialties that comprise the field of cardiology, including noninvasive, invasive, diagnostic and therapeutic means of responding to heart problems.

Cardiology Faculty

Our key teaching faculty are members of the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and have faculty appointments with our affiliate, Weill Cornell Medical College. They are nationally recognized for their expertise in the application of sophisticated imaging techniques, the performance of complex interventional and electrophysiology procedures, and the application of novel therapies for patients with heart failure and valvular diseases.

The Chairman and Program Directors include: Dr. Miguel Quinones, Chairman, Department of Cardiology; Dr. Craig Pratt, Program Director, Cardiovascular Disease; Dr. Neal Kleiman, Program Director, Interventional Cardiology; Dr. Jerry Estep, Program Director, Advanced Heart Failure / Transplantation; Dr. Miguel Valderrabano, Program Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology; Dr. William Zoghbi, Program Director, Cardiovascular Imaging.

View more information on our faculty at the Methodist DeBakey Cardiology Associates website.