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Cardiac CT

Cardiac CT at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Better technology in cardiac magnetic resonances imaging (MRI) and cardiac computed tomography (CT) now permits physicians to get a closer, yet less invasive, view of the heart. Among the newest advances in cardiac CT is the 64 slice cardiac CT. This method is more comfortable, for the patient, is more detailed and completed more rapidly than traditional CT scans, which reduces X–ray exposure.

The advanced cardiac CT scanner rotates around the body quickly imaging cross-sectional "slices" of the heart, which are then compiled to appear as detailed 3–D views of the heart, arteries, veins and aorta. These refined views enable physicians to more accurately assess calcium levels in coronary arteries, circulatory problems, heart defects and masses, congenital heart disease, aortic dissection, blood clots in the lungs and heart rhythm disorders.