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Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Diagnostic Ultrasound

What is a breast ultrasound?

A breast ultrasound helps the radiologist determine if a lump or mass is filled with fluid or is solid tissue. Masses that are clearly filled with fluid are called cysts and are usually not cancer.
If the lump looks like it is solid, a biopsy may be performed.

Ultrasounds involve skin contact with gel and a transducer. There is no breast compression, and most women find the procedure painless. Ultrasounds can be very helpful, but they do not take the place of mammography. Most early cancers that are visible as micro calcifications in the mammogram, for example, will not be visible with the ultrasound. It is important to follow early detection guidelines and have regularly scheduled examinations.

How do I schedule a mammogram and/or a breast ultrasound?

You should schedule your breast ultrasound with the Breast Center at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital by calling 281-242-PINK (7465).