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Breast Surgery

Early Detection

If detected early and confined to the breast, the five-year survival rate for those diagnosed with breast cancer is 98 percent.

Source: American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Facts and Figures 2007–2008

The surgeons of the Houston Methodist Hospital Department of Surgery offer specialized, expert care for patients who need breast surgery for breast cancer. Working in concert with oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, reconstructive surgeons and other breast-health specialists, Houston Methodist surgeons use advanced techniques to diagnose and treat each patient who is diagnosed with breast cancer, providing integrated care in a compassionate environment to ensure optimal recovery and state of the art patient care.

Surgery is the primary treatment for patients with breast cancer. Most patients can be treated with breast conserving therapy, a procedure in which only the cancerous breast tissue is removed and the remaining breast is treated with radiation therapy. For those patients whose cancer requires total removal of the breast (mastectomy), Houston Methodist surgical oncologists and breast surgeons work with reconstructive surgeons to rebuild the breast and enhance recovery. Houston Methodist surgeons also have expertise in evaluation and treatment of patients at higher risk for breast cancer, including patients with BRCA mutations.   

Houston Methodist breast surgeons also evaluate and treat women with benign disorders of the breast including removal of benign breast tumors and other benign breast conditions.

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