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Breast Center

Strong, healthy women are the heart of a healthy family. Houston Methodist Willowbrook award–winning Breast Center is committed to providing the best consult as well as diagnostic and treatment options available for women to ensure their health and consequently…that of their families throughout northwest Houston.

A healthy lifestyle combined with the latest digital technology and early detection can help women avoid a devastating diagnosis. The board–certified team of breast specialists, radiologist and pathologists at the Houston Methodist Willowbrook Breast Center are committed to providing women with information on staying healthy and developing a long–term health maintenance program.

Digital mammography with computer–aided detection software, a specialized staff and onsite laboratory ensure a rapid diagnosis. When irregularities are identified, the support staff and warm environment help to minimize anxiety while findings are confirmed and a wellness path is created. Outcomes have never been better than they are today with the advances in the understanding, detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other breast conditions.

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