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Birthing Center

Houston Methodist West Hospital Birthing Center provides the Katy/West Houston community with comprehensive care for expecting mothers. We pay special attention to the personalized needs of each patient.

Birthing Center

Houston Methodist West Hospital
Birthing Center

Members of the Texas 10 Step Program, Houston Methodist West Hospital's Birthing Center has set a standard of enhanced maternity care practices.

Our facility is a designated Mother Friendly workplace, focused on the support of breastfeeding.

Family centered care

Our team of excellent physicians, nurses and technicians focus on the needs of mother and baby.
  • Transition at bedside/cesarean section
    We try to enhance bonding as newborns adapt to their new world by keeping mother and baby together.
  • Prevention of separation
    Our mothers are able to make the most out of the time with their babies by allowing mother and baby to stay in the same room.
  • Lactation consultant
    Specialists are available to help enhance the bonding experience by teaching new mothers positions and latch techniques, as well as to answer any questions.
  • Mother-friendly
    We are thoughtful to the needs of mothers and recognize that babies are sensitive at the time of birth and should be treated as such.

Private tour

Schedule a private tour to become familiar with our facility and staff, and to have your questions answered.
To schedule a private tour, please call 832-522-4200.


Houston Methodist West Hospital Birthing Center offers a wide range of classes for expecting mothers and their families within a safe and comfortable
environment. All classes include a tour of the Birthing Center.
To register for a class, please call 832-52-BIRTH(24784)

Available Classes

All class schedules and fees are subject to change.
Traditional prepared childbirth class-$80.00
Two-and-a-half hours weekly, for five weeks
Breastfeeding class – $25.00
Two hour class, on a weekday evening
Infant care class – $25.00
Two hour class, on a weekday evening