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Anna Tampieri Ph.D.

Anna Tampieri, Ph.D. 

Anna Tampieri, Ph.D.

Anna Tampieri, Ph.D.

Senior Affiliate Member
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Research Manager, National Research Council
Head, Department of Bio-Ceramic and Bio-Hybrid Composites
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali Ceramici
Head, Scientific Advisory Board, Finceramica Faenza S.p.A.
Scientific Advisor, European Commission
Scientific Advisor, Italian Ministry for Economic Development

Phone: +39 (0)546-699-754
Fax: +39 (0)546-46381
Email: anna.tampieri@istec.cnr.it


M.Sc.   University of Bologna, Italy (Chemistry)
Ph.D.   University of Bologna, Italy (Materials Science)

Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bologna, Italy (Chemistry)

Stage, Research and Development, Industria Farmitalia-Carlo Erba-Montedison, Italy

Postdoctoral Fellow, Human Nutrition and Health, USDA, San Francisco, CA, USA

Postdoctoral Trainee, University of Trento, Italy (Surfaces Characterization Techniques)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Government Industrial Research Institute, Nagoya, Japan

Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute for Inorganic Materials, Tsukuba, Japan



Dr. Tampieri's research focus is materials science with special attention to inorganic chemistry applications in ceramic materials and bio-hybrid composites. Early in her career from 1986 to 1995, Dr. Tampieri coordinated research collaborations for the development of High-Tc Ceramic Superconductors.

Beginning in 1995, Dr. Tampieri created a new research group dedicated to the development of biomaterials and biotechnology for regenerative medicine. Her research team combines a high degree of technical specialization with broad interdisciplinary expertise that supports a large number of national and international research projects.

Dr. Tampieri's research is internationally recognized for contributions to global health. Her research on osteochondral substitutes was named one of the most important contributions to human healthcare in 2008 by the Literature Awareness System (UK). The commercial development of this innovation by Dr. Tampieri, resulted in a CE marked osteochondral scaffold product, which has been adopted for orthopaedic surgical practice in Europe as the first step toward a completely biologic prosthesis.

The Dr. Tampieri's approach to research is to tackle new and complex problems from a technological perspective. TIME magazine named her research project From Wood to Bone one of 50 most important inventions of 2009. This innovation received worldwide media attention including interviews, articles in specialized and popular magazines, and international TV and radio appearances. The BBC, Sidney Broadcasting News, The Discovery Channel, and Reuter Television have reported on Dr. Tampieri's research initiatives.  

Description of Research

Dr. Tampieri's research program focuses on synthesis methodologies, forming methods, sintering processes, and the relationships between microstructural properties and material performance.

Specific initiatives include development of:

  • highly porous bioactive bone scaffolds endowed with intrinsic magnetic properties
  • biomorphic ceramics with hierarchically organized morphology, derived from the transformation of native ligneous structures for load-bearing applications
  • ceramic pastes/cements, designed to exhibit high interconnected porosity and mechanical strength
  • bio-hybrid composites based on natural polymers and mineralized with nanostructured biomimetic apatites following biologically inspired processes
  • bio-hybrid scaffolds exhibiting mineralization gradients, obtained through interpenetration of bio-hybrid composites for the selective regeneration of bone and osteo-cartilaginous tissues
  • organomorphic transformations to obtain three-dimensional polymeric scaffolds that reproduce the morphology and functionality of stromal/vascular systems
  • innovative filters for nanoparticles
  • recycling technology for nanopowders to reduce environmental toxicity
  • intelligent drug delivery systems using nanoparticles driven by magnetic signals

Major Areas of Research

Biologically inspired processes, bioactive nano-powders, bio-hybrid composites, scaffold for bone and cartilage regeneration, drug delivery

Recent Publications

Tampieri A, Landi E, Valentini F, Sandri M, D'Alessandro T, Dediu V, Marcacci M. Conceptually new type of bio-hybrid scaffold for bone regeneration. Nanotechnology. 2011 Jan 7;22(1):015104. PMID: 21135464

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Sakhno Y, Bertinetti L, Iafisco M, Tampieri A, Roveri N, Martra G. Surface Hydration and Cationic Sites of Nanohydroxyapatites with Amorphous or Crystalline Surfaces: A Comparative Study. J Phys Chem C. 2010;114(39):16640-16648 DOI: 10.1021/jp105971s

Landi E, Uggeri J, Sprio S, Tampieri A, Guizzardi S. Human osteoblast behavior on as-synthesized SiO4 and B-CO3 co-substituted apatite. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2010 Jul;94(1):59-70. PMID: 20091710

Tampieri A, Sprio S, Landi E, Sandri M. Developing biocomposites as scaffolds in regenerative medicine. Biomedical composites (L. Ambrosio ed.). 2009. Woodhead Publishing, Abington Hall, Abington, Cambridge, CB21 6AH, United Kingdom, pp. 547-572.

Streli C, Zoeger N, Meirer F, Pemmer B, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Mangold S, Tampieri A, Sprio S, Pepponi G, Hofstaetter JG, Klaushofer K Roschger P. Speciation of Pb in the tidemark of human articular cartilage. Bone. 2009;44(2):S255.

Tampieri A, Sprio S, Ruffini A, Lesci IG, Roveri N. From wood to bone: multi-step process to convert hierarchical structures into biomimetic hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Journal of Materials Chemistry. 2009;19(28):4973-4980. DOI: 10.1039/b900333a

Bertinetti L, Drouet C, Combes C, Rey C, Tampieri A, Coluccia S, Martra G. Surface characteristics of nanocrystalline Apatites : effect of Mg surface enrichment on morphology, surface hydration species and cationic environments. Langmuir. 2009;25(10):5647-5654. DOI: 10.1021/la804230j

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Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics
Italian National Research Council
Finceramica Faenza SpA Regenerative Medicine