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Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center - Houston, TX

The Methodist Hospital on record pace to save more lives in 2012

HOUSTON—(May 9, 2012)— Surgeons with the Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center performed  50 transplants in April, putting them on pace to perform more than 500 this year.

“This sets a record for our center, which is one of the fastest growing transplant programs in the country. This incredible feat has been achieved through the focus of our multidisciplinary team on patient service, innovation and superb quality,” said Center director Dr. A. Osama Gaber. ”It takes a highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, coordinators and staff to transplant this many people in that short amount of time. It really is a remarkable accomplishment.”
 Surgeons performed 17 kidney, 3 heart, 1 heart/lung, 7 liver, 5 kidney/pancreas and 17 lung transplants last month.

“We have already performed 50 lung transplants this year, which is also a record for us,” said Dr. Scott Scheinin, surgical director of the lung transplant program. ”Six of those have been bloodless transplants on Jehovah’s Witness patients who did not want a blood transfusion and had been refused transplantation at other places. We have found a way to help them.” 

In 2011, the center performed 418 transplants, including 208 kidney and  108 lung transplants, 40 left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implants, 51 liver transplants, 33 heart and heart-lung, 18 pancreas and kidney-pancreas transplants. This is more than any other year in the nearly 50-year history of the center.

“Being able to transplant more than 500 people this year would be an incredible feat for the Center and its patients,” Gaber said. “Giving people a second chance at life is what we do best. The more people we can help the better.”

The Center is also led by Dr. Mark Ghobrial, director of liver disease and transplantation, Dr. Matthias Loebe, director of thoracic transplant and the assist device program, Dr. Jerry Estep, medical director of heart failure and heart transplantation and Dr. Harish Seethamraju, medical director of the lung transplant program.