Hu Lab

Tony Hu, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Nanomedicine  
Institute for Academic Medicine 
Houston Methodist

Nanotechnology is a promising tool for improving diagnosis, assessing treatment efficacy or toxicity and designing personalized therapies with minimal invasiveness. Our research team is developing integrated mesoporous material-based microsystems, semiconductor chips and nanotechnologies for sensing and regulating cellular processes critical to health care environmental and defense applications.

Our laboratory’s current research focuses on developing tools and methods to understand and regulate complex biological networks that are critical to the development of disease, and developing nano-micro-fabricated sensors for biomaterial characterization that can be used to improve precancerous lesion detection. Nano-micro-scale science, information and biomedicine are integrative components of our research, and are used in combination with advanced engineering tools to facilitate biomedical studies and develop robust diagnostics for global health initiatives. As a part of the Peptidomics NanoEngineering Core, we design and fabricate customized NanoTraps and NanoDisk for protein/peptide biomarker discovery and specific biomarker detection.