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Publications - Year 2011


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International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics. 2011, 3(3):286-298. DOI: 10.1504/IJMEI.2011.042874

Conferences and Workshops

Zhong Xue, Dinggang Shen, Hai Li, Stephen T. C. Wong.
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Z. Xue, H. Li, T.M. Ellmore, B. Malmberg, R.E. Frye, S.T. Wong.
Anatomical Connectivity-Based Analysis of Autism Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging. 10th International Meeting for Autism Research, May 2011.
H. Li, Z. Xue, T.M. Ellmore, R.E. Frye, B. Malmberg, S.T. Wong.
Brain Network-Based Analysis of Autism Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging. 10th International Meeting for Autism Research, May 2011.
T. M. Ellmore, H. Li, Z. Xue, B. Malmberg, S.T. Wong, R.E. Frye.
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M.H. Wu, B. Malmberg, T.M. Ellmore, H. Li, Z. Xue, S.T. Wong, R.E. Frye.
Granger causality reveals abnormal network structure in the right hemisphere in children with high-functioning autism. 10th International Meeting for Autism Research, May 2011.