Center for Neuroregeneration

The Center for Neuroregeneration at Houston Methodist is developing emerging approaches to modify and harness the fate of neural stem cells to increase cellular repair after spinal cord and brain injury. We have shown that regeneration of neural circuitry in combination with electrical stimulation offers hope for repair of the nervous system. In partnering with a multidisciplinary team of clinical researchers both at Houston Methodist and globally, we seek to move our research from bench to bedside by engineering new neural circuits in people with chronic paralysis in order to restore hand function. 

We are also exploring other areas of applications for neural regeneration strategies:
• Stroke
• Head Injury
• Glaucoma
• Motor/cognitive decline associated with aging
Center director
Philip Horner, PhD

Philip J. Horner, PhD
Professor of Neuroregeneration, Institute for Academic Medicine
Scientific Director, Center for Neuroregeneration
Department of Neurosurgery
Neurological Institute
Houston Methodist

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CNS Neuroregeneration Strategies: Discovery and Implementation
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