Hegde lab Publications

Aurora kinase B dependent phosphorylation of 53BP1 is required for resolving merotelic kinetochore-microtubule attachment errors during mitosis
Wang, H, Peng, BH, Pandita, RK, Engler, DA, Matsunami, RK, Xu, X, Hegde, PM, Butler, BE, Pandita, TK, Mitra, S, Xu, B & Hegde, ML 2017, Oncotarget. DOI:

DNA damage responses in central nervous system and age-associated neurodegeneration
Hegde, ML, Bohr, VA & Mitra, S 2017, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, vol 161, pp. 1-3. DOI:

Microhomology-mediated end joining is activated in irradiated human cells due to phosphorylation-dependent formation of the XRCC1 repair complex
Dutta, A, Eckelmann, B, Adhikari, S, Ahmed, KM, Sengupta, S, Pandey, A, Hegde, PM, Tsai, M-S, Tainer, JA, Weinfeld, M, Hegde, ML & Mitra, S 2016, Nucleic acids research, vol 45, no. 5, pp. 2585-2599. DOI:

Human AP-endonuclease (APE1) is acetylated at DNA damage sites in chromatin and acetylation modulates its DNA repair activity
Roychoudhury, S, Nath, S, Song, H, Hegde, ML, Bellot, LJ, Mantha, AK, Sengupta, S, Ray, S, Natarajan, A & Bhakat, KK 2016, Molecular and Cellular Biology. DOI:

Oxidized guanine base lesions function in 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase-1-mediated epigenetic regulation of nuclear factor ?B-driven gene expression
Pan, L, Zhu, B, Hao, W, Zeng, X, Vlahopoulos, SA, Hazra, TK, Hegde, ML, Radak, Z, Bacsi, A, Brasier, AR, Ba, X & Boldogh, I 2016, The Journal of biological chemistry, vol 291, no. 49, pp. 25553-25566. DOI:

Regulation of oxidized base damage repair by chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit A
Yang, C , Sengupta, S, Hegde, PM, Mitra, J, Jiang, S, Holey, B, Sarker, AH, Tsai, M-S, Hegde, ML & Mitra, S 2016, Nucleic acids research, vol 45, no. 2, pp. 739-748. DOI:

TDP-43/FUS in motor neuron disease: Complexity and challenges
Guerrero, EN, Wang, H, Mitra, J, Hegde, PM, Stowell, SE, Liachko, NF, Kraemer, BC, Garruto, RM, Rao, KS & Hegde, ML 2016, Progress in Neurobiology, vol 145-146, pp. 78-97. DOI:

Scaffold attachment factor A (SAF-A) and Ku temporally regulate repair of radiation-induced clustered genome lesions
Hegde, ML, Dutta, A, Yang, C, Mantha, AK, Hegde, PM, Pandey, A, Sengupta, S, Yu, Y, Calsou, P, Chen, D, Lees-Miller, SP & Mitra, S 2016, Oncotarget. DOI:

Chronic oxidative damage together with genome repair deficiency in the neurons is a double whammy for neurodegeneration: Is damage response signaling a potential therapeutic target?
Wang, H, Dharmalingam, P, Vasquez, V, Mitra, J, Boldogh, I, Rao, KS, Kent, TA, Mitra, S & Hegde, ML 2016, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. DOI:

8-Oxoguanine DNA glycosylase1-driven DNA repair-A paradoxical role in lung aging
German, P, Saenz, D, Szaniszlo, P, Aguilera-Aguirre, L, Pan, L, Hegde, ML, Bacsi, A, Hajas, G, Radak, Z, Ba, X, Mitra, S, Papaconstantinou, J & Boldogh, I 2016, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. DOI:

Ion-catalyzed reactive oxygen species in sporadic models of parkinson’s disease
Vasquez, V, Mitra, J, Guerrero, EN, Hegde, PM, Rao, KS & Hegde, ML 2016, . in Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Degeneration and Repair in Parkinsons Disease. Springer International Publishing, pp. 75-113. DOI:

Whole transcriptome analysis reveals a role for OGG1-initiated DNA repair signaling in airway remodeling
Aguilera-Aguirre, L, Hosoki, K, Bacsi, A, Radák, Z, Sur, S, Hegde, ML, Tian, B, Saavedra-Molina, A, Brasier, AR, Ba, X & Boldogh, I 2015, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, vol 89, pp. 20-33. DOI:

The C-terminal Domain (CTD) of Human DNA Glycosylase NEIL1 Is Required for Forming BERosome Repair Complex with DNA Replication Proteins at the Replicating Genome: Dominant negative function of the CTD
Hegde, PM, Dutta, A, Sengupta, S, Mitra, J, Adhikari, S, Tomkinson, AE, Li, GM, Boldogh, I, Hazra, TK, Mitra, S & Hegde, ML 2015, Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol 290, no. 34, pp. 20919-20933. DOI:

Norepinephrine Reduces Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and DNA Damage in Ovarian Surface Epithelial Cells
Patel, PR, Hegde, ML, Theruvathu, J, Mitra, SA, Boldogh, I & Sowers, L 2015, Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine, vol 7, no. 3, pp. 75-80. DOI:

New paradigms in the repair of oxidative damage in human genome: Mechanisms ensuring repair of mutagenic base lesions during replication and involvement of accessory proteins
Dutta, A, Yang, C, Sengupta, S, Mitra, S & Hegde, ML 2015, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, vol 72, no. 9, pp. 1679-1698. DOI:

Revisiting Metal Toxicity in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Stroke: Therapeutic Potential
Mitra, J, Vasquez, V, Hegde, PM, Boldogh, I, Mitra, S, Kent, TA, Rao, KS & Hegde, ML 2015, Neurological Research and Therapy, vol 1, no. 2. DOI:

A Perspective on Chromosomal Double Strand Break Markers in Mammalian Cells
Wang, H, Adhikari, S, Butler, EB, Pandita, TK, Mitra, S & Hegde, ML 2015, Jacobs Journal of Radiation Oncology, vol 1, no. 1:003..

The Role of the Mammalian DNA End-processing Enzyme Polynucleotide Kinase 3’-Phosphatase in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3 Pathogenesis
Chatterjee, A, Saha, S, Chakraborty, A, Silva-Fernandes, A, Mandal, SM, Neves-Carvalho, A, Liu, Y, Pandita, RK, Hegde, ML, Hegde, PM, Boldogh, I, Ashizawa, T, Koeppen, AH, Pandita, TK, Maciel, P, Sarkar, PS & Hazra, TK 2015, PLoS Genetics, vol 11, no. 1, e1004749. DOI:

The role of 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase-1 in inflammation
Ba, X, Aguilera-Aguirre, L, Rashid, QTAN, Bacsi, A, Radak, Z, Sur, S, Hosoki, K, Hegde, ML & Boldogh, I 2014, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol 15, no. 9, pp. 16975-16997. DOI:

MOF phosphorylation by ATM regulates 53BP1-mediated double-strand break repair pathway choice
Gupta, A, Hunt, CR, Hegde, ML, Chakraborty, S, Udayakumar, D, Horikoshi, N, Singh, M, Ramnarain, DB, Hittelman, WN, Namjoshi, S, Asaithamby, A, Hazra, TK, Ludwig, T, Pandita, RK, Tyler, JK & Pandita, TK 2014, Cell Reports, vol 8, no. 1, pp. 177-189. DOI: