What is a clinical residency program? 
AOTA defines Occupational Therapy residencies as programs that are designed to advance a practitioner’s performance and interpersonal skills, critical and ethical reasoning, and overall expertise in a focused area of practice. Residency Programs offer opportunities for didactic learning, mentored practice, and scholarship for occupational therapists who have graduated and completed the requirements for licensure. By participating in a Residency Program, individuals have the opportunity to advance their clinical skills and become more marketable in the field of occupational therapy as specialized practitioners.”

Who is eligible to apply to the Houston Methodist Hand Therapy Residency? 

Any occupational therapist with a passion to increase his/her knowledge in hand therapy and who meets the minimum eligibility requirements.  New graduates are considered, and licensed therapists with at least one year experience are preferred.

I do not have my license yet. May I still apply to the Houston Methodist Hand Therapy Residency? 
Yes, residents do not need to be a licensed OT to apply for the residency. However, because residents will be full-time employees engaged in direct patient care, residents must have a Texas Occupational Therapy license before a job offer will be extended.
How many residents are accepted each year? 
The program will accept two residents per year. 

Where are the main clinic locations? 

The Hand Therapy Residency has two locations: Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital and Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. Residents may be placed based on the results of the interview and preference. Houston Methodist Willowbrook is a satellite location for the residency, which is headquartered out of Sugar Land at Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine clinic. The curriculum is the same for all locations, and didactic class is performed via live teleconference. 

What kind of resources will I have to assist my independent learning process? 
As full-time employees of Houston Methodist, residents will have full access to HM computers, electronic library systems and other necessary educational equipment. This system allows access to one of the largest online health and medical libraries available. 

What is the salary for the resident and will I be eligible for benefits? 
As full-time employees of Houston Methodist, residents will receive a competitive residency salary and will be eligible for the following benefits: 
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Flexible spending account
  • Short- and long-term disability
  • Paid time off and holidays 
Will I be able to work a part-time job as well? 
The demands of the residency program are quite intense and can be time consuming. Effective time management will be an important characteristic of each resident. Although we cannot mandate against the resident working a second job, we strongly discourage it. 

Does the hospital provide any housing or transportation benefits? 

The hospital does not provide assistance with housing or transportation. 

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