For Patients

Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital offers a full slate of services to ensure that every patient enjoys a comfortable experience in a caring, supportive environment.

Physical Design
Because we recognize the healing process involves much more than the physical components of an illness, many features of our hospital´s design address the mental and spiritual aspects that promote healing. As you walk into our facility, you may notice that it does not look or feel like a typical hospital. At Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, we have specifically chosen colors to promote a soothing, calming response and have installed softer, gentler lighting. You may also notice the abundance of sunlight shining throughout the hospital; every patient room offers the healing properties of natural light from the atrium area or the outside perimeter.

Room Service

Because we realize you are not always hungry at the times most hospitals serve their meals, we offer our unique "At Your Request" room service, where you can order from a special menu at your convenience. You can place orders anytime between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. from your bedside phone. Our food service is operated by Marriott´s Sodexho companies and serves patients, as well as guests, with menus offering a delicious selection of hotel-quality meals.

Spiritual Care and Education
Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital´s chaplains specialize in pastoral and spiritual care and can be helpful in sorting out your emotional needs during your stay. Learn more about spiritual care and education.

Condition H
If family members or visitors notice a dramatic change in a patient's condition that has not been addressed, they can call extension 5550 from the bedside phone, and the operator will immediately activate a rapid response team. We call this process "Condition H," with H standing for Help.

Medical Records
For information about medical records, visit our Health Information Management page.

Support Groups
Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital offers several support groups that can help patients, family members and caregivers better understand a broad range of conditions.

Cancer Support Group
Diabetes Support Group
Grief Support Group
Ostomy Support Group Stroke Support Group
Stroke Support Group